Committee Contacts

The committee for the 2011-12 season is:

President Adrian Furey
0872862008adrian.furey AT zimmer DOT com
Anthony Walsh
0876795670awalsh AT cgold DOT ie
Secretary Liz Hughes
0872113571lizmhughes AT eircom DOT net
Children's Officer Therese O'Brien

thereseobrien AT eircom DOT net
Director BI
Aengus Sheerin
sheerin.aengus AT itsligo DOT ie
Juvenile Chairperson
Paul Gannon
 pologionnain AT yahoo DOT com
Juvenile Secretary
Paul Lynch
 paul AT rslireland DOT com
Liam Hyland
 liamhyland2006 AT gmail DOT com

Note: Replace AT with @ and DOT with a .